Lyceum Communications

We take you to the next level

Whatever level it may be, we provide practical and actionable coaching that will take you there faster than you ever expected. With 20 years of combined speaking experience, our team has the tools and the knowledge to bring you success.

Our Approach

If you want to become a better communicator, go back to what works.

That’s why, at Lyceum, we bring Aristotle’s teachings on Rhetoric back to modern day public speaking.

If we could teach all of our clients one thing it would be the power of Pathos, or, putting your audience in the right frame of mind. Many professionals concentrate on the numbers behind their ideas, the words they use, the credentials they bring to the table, and even the clothes they wear. While all of these aspects of communication are essential, so many communicators forget to connect with their audience.

By teaching our clients to incorporate Ethos, Pathos, and Logos into their presentations they have found success in sales, non-profit organizations, recruitment, and growing their own businesses.

  • Hourly Coaching

  • Group workshops

  • Keynote speaking

  • 8-10 page feedback reports


Abbey Kish is a remarkable communicator with a true passion for helping others craft and convey their narrative in a compelling way.
— T.K. Coleman, Education Director, Praxis
I work in fundraising for Young Americans for Liberty. I am a huge believer in what Lyceum Communications is doing. Why? Because for me, it only took an hour-long conversation to learn the tips and tools of storytelling, how to connect with my audience, and communication with intention, power and emotion. Within just a week I was able to enroll more than anyone I have ever been able to in our monthly donation programs. I broke my own records and I’m sure you will to by learning how to become a more effective communicator through Lyceum Communications.
— Anthony Rosario, Development Associate
Lyceum Communications does an exceptional job sharing their advice and expertise in storytelling and public speaking. Not only do they provide useful, actionable methods to improve public speaking skills, but they explain their strategies in a way that is easy to grasp and implement into your own speaking style. If you want to learn how to incorporate storytelling into your presentations, I highly recommend listening to the advice that Lyceum has to offer.
— Brad Driscoll, Think Big Marketing


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